Displace gallery is an ongoing project that investigates abandoned places, beginning from its architectural 
elements and the objects left inside, the aim of the project is to write a new story of the choosen place, defining its new aesthetic identity as spatial artwork. 

The project take from the place every kind of elements from the mophology of the building itself and 
the signs of its degradation, to the sound that it can produce. All the elements collected becomes historical evidences that represent the root for developing artworks. 

The artworks are site specific installations, painted geometries, urban stickers, drawings, photographies 
and ambient sound recording session. 
Displace gallery has two outputs, one is the wordwideweb through the www.displacegallery.com , the second one is a real art gallery. Both outputs becomes literally a new recostruction of the abandoned place that invokes its new easthetic identity. 

The exhibition take place in an art gallery as an immersive visual-sound performance, where it’s possible to interact with it through different artworks that stimulate new perception of the place. Live visual performance and sound processing will give a temporal destabilization of the space, in the meantime photographies paintings and drawings write a new possible landscape.

Daniele Zerbi